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zeest magazine

Zeest Magazine

Zeest Magazine is a quarterly spiritual-lifestyle magazine
published by the Rishi Prabhakar International Foundation.

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About Zeest Magazine

Zeest is a vision to spread the intense spiritual light of Rishi Prabhakar International Foundation to the world. It is the pathway to plenty. Not a boring series of articles, but deep, relevant, engaging stories that will change the way you view the world. With its name derived from a Persian word meaning ‘life’, Zeest is a manifesto for living abundantly, fully, and completely.

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The magazine is imbued with the infinite wisdom, compassion and knowledge of Guruji Shri Rishi Prabhakar. A thought leader of his times, he was on a mission to spread Indian wisdom that suited the modern world. ‘Zeest’ is one more vehicle to carry his message of awakening onward to humanity.Giving wings to our mission of nurturing the enriching spiritual journey of a person, to be able to make people more conscious of their thinking and their actions and embrace their spirituality in any form,’ Zeest’ is created to impart more knowledge and awareness to seekers. It is a one-of-its-kind magazine that combines deep spiritual content in an effortless manner with vibrant colours, imagery and a joyous vibe. In today’s economic environment, daily life stresses cause poor health habits, resulting in growing rates of chronic disease, declining health and shortened life spans. There are several dimensions to how we behave and how it impacts the quality of our life. The way in which we engage ourselves in relaxation, entertainment and leisure time activities. It is also our mental make-up, emotional control, aitude and outlook to life.How we actually behave or practice in our public and private life. And ‘Zeest’ blossoms by covering each such subject in its own thought-provoking and storytelling manner, while bringing truth, satisfaction, enlightenment and a purpose in life to the reader. Through Zeest, we endeavour to promote human potential along with a celebration of treasured spiritual values. We not just hope, but sincerely intend and urge that you immerse yourself in this unique magazine, and find deeper meaning of your life, with every story.

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