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Soul Canvas

Soul Canvas

About the module

This module will lay the foundation for a transformational journey towards recovering your creative self.

It has been purposely designed in a way that the participant gains the most value from it. It is meant for participants who:

  • Are willing to identify & challenge their core negative beliefs.
  • Want to overcome self-doubt.
  • Are willing to come to terms with the role of pain in their life.
  • Want to expand their emotional vocabulary.
  • Want to recover their authentic self.

This module is designed to channel the participants’ latent creativity by dispelling the many myths that surround the concept of creativity. It will enable participants to break free from the conditioning that stunts most from blossoming fully.


The Participants will be able to:

  1. Uncover Core Negative Beliefs and become aware of their unconscious beliefs
  2. Create their own personal Affirmative Armory
  3. Discover their Values.
  4. Get reacquainted with their capacity for Delight, Wonder and Curiosity.
  5. Develop a deep and mindful appreciation for their experiences.
  6. Look at their future as overflowing with potential and possibilities.
  7. Look at themselves as beings with far reaching impact.
  8. Appreciate their uniqueness and abilities.
  9. Identify a safe zone with individuals who truly support them and their endeavors.