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The most literal translation of the word “Vihaar” is “recreation”. Most of the times in our lives, we are told what to do in our work or professional lives. Everything that we do in our professional life is assigned to us, many times this makes us feel that things may not be in our hands.

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But what we do in our personal lives is in our hands. The activities that we choose to engage in during our time of recreation create huge impact on the overall way of life. A person’s way of recreation determines how one is as a person.They create our habits, and determine the people who we surround ourselves with. It is especially important to take note of how and where we spend our time. It is through our recreational activities that we gain energy. Sometimes, the activities that we choose to engage in surround us with people who might “pull you down” and make you feel not so great. Likewise, it is important to be able to surround yourself with people who make you feel confident, positive, and support you in your life.
Craft / Paint your life as if you are the greatest artist. Every moment is new and you can create that moment for yourself.

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