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The spirit of the self is infinite. You are a part of the spirit, at the same time, the spirit is not bound to you. It represents the universe and its bond with oneself, and the bond between one another. Our natural selves are inclined and bound to be one with the spirit of the cosmos or the universe. Yet, as we grow, as we interact, and as we are educated, our connect with the spirit is weakened. This is the sad truth.

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When one is in sync with the spirit, things happen naturally. One will realise that tasks taken up happen naturally, and that needs and wants are fulfilled effortlessly and spontaneously. One can re-connect with the infinite spirit simply through mindfulness. Meditate and observe how universal energy starts flowing, one will realise that things just “happen”. When enriching the self through universal energy of the spirit, one will experience oneself to be happier, and “light”. When one is in this space, things are indifferent, and the language of love is the only things that matters. You become one with the universe, everything – objects, plants, animals, humans, the nature, all seem the same, particulars of the universal energy.

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