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In almost every culture, food has long played a dual physical and spiritual role, and with that, many rules have been handed down.
Refraining from salt, sugar, and heavy meats. Food acts as powerful medicine.Sometimes the remedy lies in what we take in, and sometimes it’s dependent upon what we leave out. The question is, how do we know what to eat or drink and what not to? This is the domain of spiritual nutrition.
The food and feelings connections outlined here can shed some light on the interplay between certain thoughts, feelings, and emotions that may be seeking your attention.
Tuning In To Yourself: Questions For Building Awareness
1.  What I ate today:
2.  What I wanted to eat (if different than what I did eat): When I ate today (specific times):
3.  Where I ate today (the setting or environment):
4.  Whom I ate with:

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5.  My emotional state just before eating:
6.  My emotional state after eating:
7.  My predominant thoughts while eating (my inner dialogue): My predominant thoughts after eating:
8.  My energy just before eating:
9.  My energy after eating:
10.  Did I receive intuitive, inner guidance prior to eating at any point today? If so, what was the message(s), and did I follow the guidance?
11.  Intuitively, which chakra did I sense needed nourishment today?
12.  Did I give this chakra the foods or nourishment that it needed? And is there a particular food that I could include tomorrow that will support, feed, and balance this energy center?
13.  Special healing focus: To deal with my current illness or condition (whether acute, chronic, or life-threatening), I intuitively sense, or a professional practitioner has suggested, that I could add or eliminate the following from my diet:
14.  Concluding notes (additional insights, observations, feelings, or thoughts):

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Your eating habits are highly influenced by our socio-cultural environment, but they’re also, and very intimately, based on your emotions. Depending on how you develop the ability to regulate them, they can help you regulate the habit of conscious eating.
Conscious eating is a skill that you can acquire if you do it enough. When you move from emotional eating to conscious eating, you’ll feel much better because you’ll be taking care of yourself. You’ll know you’re in charge and, therefore, you’ll be able to stay in control of your health and eating habits.