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Dynamism, a big word yet a futile part of our being. In metaphysical terms, dynamic means that one’s soul is inherently dynamic, rather than static. This implies and energetic, vital, active, forceful being of the soul. Dynamism is “active power”, and leads towards unfoldment, revelations, and fundamentals of self-expression and creativity.

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Our dynamism cannot be liberated without freedom. To implement dynamism, one needs to be aware of their self. One must explore the self, its dynamics, its structures, its history, its manifestation and underlying forces. Hence, dynamism is like a force of its own, it flows “dynamically”. Things start happening spontaneously and naturally.

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Dynamism cannot be achieved without stillness. There is a relationship of rather featureless and complimenting relationship between the two. Realising one’s dynamic self engages one into open ended enquiry to self-discovery. The quest of self-discovery is of various forms. It is creative, it is in fact the nature of the universe as well.

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