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Creativity  by definition is the ability to perceive the world in new ways, to find hidden patterns, express oneself, and be able to generate solutions, if any. Creativity involves contemplation, and production – both features of expression. Human beings are born creative, as we grow, we learn to become “uncreative”. This is because the system that makes pursuing creativity less likely as we grow in age.

Aside from doing simple things like traveling to a new place, taking a walk, and engaging in a new hobby, you can also train yourself to do something new. Find your creativity. It’s been shown that creativity in a certain area emerges after much practice. Creativity comes with curiosity, being open to the download of information that you have is essential.

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Employ these creativity measures and you’ll possess a great deal more of creative thinking soon enough. Anyone can be creative.  Each and every one of us are secret artists at heart. Each and every soul has a different way of expressing themselves. The core of expression is creativity. In what ways, and how does one express themselves in their own creative way. For some, creativity is through visual and performing arts, but not limited to the same.

Creative people possess certain traits or skills. They are always asking questions, coming up with creative solutions to one problem, and exhibiting playfulness. They have heightened emotional sensitivity, are usually seen as nonconforming and are not afraid to be seen as different or exhibiting unusual thoughts.

In any creative endeavor, you have to give yourself permission to create junk. There is no way around it. Sometimes you have to write 4 terrible pages just to discover that you wrote one good sentence in the second paragraph of the third page.

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