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Pranic Energy ~ The Reality

Change in food habits requires a shift in your consciousness.
~ Guruji, Shri Rishi Prabhakar
Q. What is Pranic Energy?
A. Prana Shakti or Pranic Energy is the universal life-force present in all living things. It is also present in varying degrees in the plant kingdom and in raw food.
Q. So all the ‘raw’ food are good to eat?
A. No, not necessarily so. Even amongst the raw and natural food, there are different categories as follows:
Positive Prana food:  This type of food is abundant in Pranic Energy vital to the body. All the fruits, nuts, sprouts, greens and most of the vegetables come under this category. Amongst the vegetables ashgourd is highest in its pranic content. Pepper is also high in prana.
Zero prana food:  does not give any pranic energy to the body. Potatoes and tomatoes come under this category.
Negative prana food:  takes away pranic energy of the body instead of giving energy. It means that they activate the wrong energy channels of the body, leading to incorrect metabolism and therefore they deplete our pranic energy. Most of them are nervous stimulants and are known as asphrodisiacs. The list of negative food (descending order) is non-vegetarian food, fried food, garlic, onion, chillies, asafoetida (hing) and brinjals. Other non-food negative-prana items are: mind-altering ‘drugs’, intoxicants like alcohol, stimulants like tobacco, cigarette, coffee, tea and antibiotics.

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Q. A few of the items mentioned in the negative-prana category are actually used as medicine. How do you explain this discrepancy?
A. Nature has provided unique properties in plants and herbs. Certain items may have medicinal value in certain conditions. However, the same should not be used regularly or as a food-item. Or else they become an addiction.
For example, we all know that garlic has some medicinal properties, which can prevent heart-trouble. As people get used to its taste, they overuse it as a food item and justify the use. Moreover, eating proper raw food can itself prevent disease.

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